Azhand Dam Toos Co., after obtaining a distribution license

in 2005 in Khorasan-e-Grand as the second private broadcasting company, signed its first contract with Nasr Fariman Pharmaceuticals Company and then signed contracts with the following companies, which cooperated with Some of them are still ongoing. Its names are as follows:

1- Nasr Fariman pharmaceutical company

 2- Sicence  Pharmaceutical Company

 3- Fazel Derakhshan Company

 4- Laluk company

 5- Damyaran Arak Company

 6. Zarrin Pakhsh Ava Broadcasting company

 7- Etedal Gostar Pasargad Co.

 8. Samen serum

 9 serumization GhaziTabriz


10- Darupakhsh Company

11. Hakim Gostar Mahtab Co.


12- Paya-Daruyeh Company


13- Parsian  Pakhsh Exir Company


14. Darman Gostar Zola Co.


15. Caspian Maki Company


16 . Dr. Hossein Zadeh Group


17. Damin Teb Rooz Company


18. Nicooteck Corporation


19. Pand Company


20- Powerin


21. Vala Andishan Daroye Nab Co.


22- Amineh Gostar Co.


23. Sina Fariman Co.


24. Gyah Parnian Atlas Co.


25- Basir Shimi Co.


26 Sant Co.


27- Souren Dam Co.


28. Beh Ban Shimi Co.


29. Asian scholars


30. Aryan grows up


31- Golbar Shimi Daneh Co.


32. Isfahan Mokamel Co.


33. Karpira


34. Shafa Gostar Kalar Co. and ...

After dividing the province of Khorasan into northern and southern Razavi and southern provinces, afterwards, the Department of Veterinary Affairs issued a distribution chart for national and provincial broadcasters, as well as the issuance of successive licenses from the General Directorate and the requirement for division of labor and, on the other hand, the abundance of complementary and complementary manufacturing companies As well as companies with Iranian and foreign disinfectants and the insistence of companies on sales targets, all of Azhand Dam Toos's companies have chosen to terminate and cooperate with some of the companies.

Azhand Dam Toos Company with skilled manpower and workspace, and also the first standard stock of livestock products in Khorasan Razavi province, and other suitable hardware and software, and with the vision of expanding the business environment and maintaining a policy designed, Manufacturers and suppliers of medicines for livestock and poultry welcomes and welcomes it.