Azhand Dam Toos Company was launched in 2007. The company, with the backing of drug sales experience, has been in the pharmacy of brothers Vaeznia since 1979, after obtaining the necessary permissions from the Veterinary Administration of Khorasan Razavi province as well as the relevant departments as the first broadcasting company with warehouses and standard facilities in Khorasan Razavi province

It should be noted that before these years, the companies produced direct or global sales, but the Veterinary Office changed its design for the distribution of specific and controlled livestock and poultry drugs and communicated in the drug distribution style sheet. As today, all manufacturing or importer companies must place their medicines on national broadcasts, through which they can receive medicines through the provincial broadcasters and then the pharmacy to the consumer.

The position of Azhand Dam Toos  Co. is in the provincial broadcast circle in Khorasan Razavi. Azhand Dam Toos Company with an area of ​​5,000 square meters and a total of about 400 square meters of warehouses and an office building suitable for its services. The warehouse of the company is equipped with standard shelving, proper heating and cooling system, warehouse, fire system and security systems including camera and alarm system, as well as a suitable conveyor for transportation of cargo, as well as cold storage and electric doors and air conditioning and lighting systems. .

The company uses two trucks and Nissan with a refrigerated room approved by the Veterinary Office to distribute drugs on weekly tours to cities and villages in Khorasan Razavi province. In the office and software department of this company with 12 specialist staff and with up-to-date office and automation systems, as well as accounting and distribution programs, as well as informative systems   (news site Maki Dam) and  has taken a good step.