Publish:12/9/2018 8:58:43 PM
Unveiling website of Ajandam Company The website of Ajandam Company has been unveiled.


After the cache and arch, the official website of Ajandam Company was finally unveiled.
Considering the company's responsibility, Ajandam Company began designing an online information system at the beginning of 2011 and celebrated its own system this year.
But given the importance of informing, educating, and feeling the need of the community as well as the responsibility of the company, the system approach to the Progress News Agency, which after several years of successful news and informational news suddenly A space away from his own work.
Subsequently, with the approval of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance press office, a news site called makidam ( was changed, which continues its mission in the field of scientific knowledge and news in the field of livestock and poultry and aquaculture And acts as a valuable and desirable provider of news and specialist articles in the livestock and poultry industry and veterinary sectors.
The Ajandam range has returned to its original position after this change and now we are serving the reputable colleagues with the provincial distribution website of livestock and poultry medicines in Khorasan Razavi province.
The website, similar to the websites of the same, introduces the Ajandam Company and its successes and perspectives, as well as the products of the top companies to make it easier for our associates and customers.
In the section of users, the existing pharmacists can access their account information and the full list of products by entering the username and password, and the good thing about this is that by clicking on the name of the medication, they can provide the full specification of the drug. Have.
In the Contact section, visitors to our loved ones can send their messages to the company's directors.